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Our new album is out, we are pleased to now reveal our new web site as well. For a third time in a row (batting 1000 here) we have used a fan's artwork submission for our album cover. This one comes to you from Jason. And what's cooler than a fan-drawn album cover? Not much!

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As you can see we have put in a lot of extra effort in this latest version of our web is fully mobile ready and perfectly viewable from your smart phone or tablet device. We know convenience is what you seek and we aim to please!

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Fury's Publick House 01.22.16

Dover, NH

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Posted: Tuesday, Jan 12, 2016.

New Thoughts

New Album, New Website, New Jams!!!

Heyo! We are super pumped about all this good stuff going on. Let's get up to speed: -Superfrog just released our latest album "Superfrog" (aren't we so creative?!). These eleven tunes are so much about the c...

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